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In the Market to Purchase a House? Let one of our experienced REO team members Guide you Each Step of the Way.

Finding the right home is only half of the journey. Before sitting with our property experts and finding your dream home, you first need to find your dream Loan!  

Getting the right loan can be just as important. Here at Real Estate One, we pride ourselves in helping our home buyers obtain the best finance options available. 

When choosing a mortgage loan, home buyers should always consider internet rates along with lender fees such as points and down payments; those are a few of the biggest reasons your payment will be higher than anticipated. There is a lot to learn prior to making your decision. Is down payment assistance right for you? Do I qualify for government insured loans (FHA, USDA, VA) or for a Conventional loan (privately insured)? Every loan is a little different, but to put numbers into perspective; One half of 1% on a 30-year mortgage loan will cost $42,120, and more on the life of the loan, all due to a high interest rate.

Our team goes the extra mile to research and explain the best loan programs for your unique situation. That way, you have all of the tools to make the best decision. Don’t make this common ‘first time buyer’ mistake, get your second opinion from REO Home Loans, proud partners with the largest wholesale lender in the country today, United Wholesale Mortgage.

If you would like someone from our team to provide you with today’s best rates, complete the information below. Or give us a call to receive your estimate right over the phone! Don’t have time for a phone call? No problem! You can apply for your mortgage loan right here with a few clicks of a button


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